I love movies. It’s a passion that’s driven me most of my life, bringing me to Hollywood oh so many years ago. And while photography eventually took over as my creative focus, that dedication has never subsided. Any and all types of films fulfill that love. Whether the genre is as broad as horror flick or as specific as cop paired with a dog, there’s always at least one entry I’m a fan of. (Turner & Hooch, for the record.)
And therein lies the inspiration for HOLD FOR STILLS. Each “movie” will consist of an idea and an image, with the goal of portraying films I’d want to watch. Or make. Or, occasionally, poke a little fun at. 
And as a fan of film in its entirety, an additional goal I have with Hold For Stills is to represent all eras as well as genres. While the project is currently in it’s humble beginnings, I have every intention of traveling much farther back in movie history than the current threshold of the 90s. After all, how could I not go for at least one silent comedy or grand technicolor epic?
And with that, all that’s left to say is thanks for attending, and enjoy the show.
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